Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet the characters - Danielle Wilhelm

Danielle (Dani) Wilhelm

Sweet and soft spoken, with a fiery temper. This ethereal beauty is this real thing. Her pale skin, jet black hair and silvery eyes, make her a one of a kind, Texas treasure.

In book one Danielle begins to have visions that pull her into a realm of the unknown.

"I felt her die, what's wrong with me?" She gasped, consumed by dry heaves. Her head pounding from the experience.

With a graduation a few weeks away, their senior trip, and college on the horizon, Danielle finds an old friend, has more on his mind than she ever imagined.

Leaving her to struggle with the past that haunts her and the future she can't have.

Meet the characters - Cousin's - Conner & Gavin Monroe

The boys
Cousin's - Conner & Gavin Monroe 

In book one Conner is Gavin's older cousin. He lives in a town a about two hours away, and comes to visit his father on a regular basis. He is also, Danielle's ex-boyfriend after an unfortunate situation at prom left her standing on the porch steps, as he drove away. He still cares for her deeply, and will do anything to get her back.

In book one Gavin is the working for Chap, he has an jealous girlfriend named Whitney who is a year behind them in school. He has always had a crush on Danielle, but never acted on his feelings due to her reserved nature and his vast knowledge of Chaps expectations.

The boys are best friends, as close as brothers until she comes between them.

Think you know how this story will end.... I bet your wrong!

Meet the Characters Walter (Chap) Wilhelm

Walter (Chap) Wilhelm If I could choose someone famous to play the part of Chap there would be only one choice

Sam Elliot
In book one Walter or Chap as everyone calls him. Has raised his granddaughter Danielle, to the best of his ability. It has been a struggle for him to go on after loosing his wife, daughter and son-in-law nearly eighteen years ago. Danielle means the world to him, so he can best be described as a doting role-model, strict and set in his ways. His past is kept hidden to keep a secret; a secret that he would do anything to hide.

From the Author: I see him as a hard working rancher. Handsome but worn, with a slender build, still young looking for a man in his 90's. He walks with a limp and uses a handmade cane. On any given occasion he wears boots and jeans with a button down shirt, old and out of style. His handle bar mustache and silvery white hair are easily recognizable, even when he tries to hide under his old silver belly cowboy hat. On occasion he has been known to smoke the bulldog saddle pipe he found years ago in his family's home on the out skirts of Eden, Texas where he was raised.