Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet the characters - Cousin's - Conner & Gavin Monroe

The boys
Cousin's - Conner & Gavin Monroe 

In book one Conner is Gavin's older cousin. He lives in a town a about two hours away, and comes to visit his father on a regular basis. He is also, Danielle's ex-boyfriend after an unfortunate situation at prom left her standing on the porch steps, as he drove away. He still cares for her deeply, and will do anything to get her back.

In book one Gavin is the working for Chap, he has an jealous girlfriend named Whitney who is a year behind them in school. He has always had a crush on Danielle, but never acted on his feelings due to her reserved nature and his vast knowledge of Chaps expectations.

The boys are best friends, as close as brothers until she comes between them.

Think you know how this story will end.... I bet your wrong!

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